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Pawtraits art

Greetings to Pawtraits Art!     I specialize in creating acrylic paintings of pets based on photographs capturing the essence and personality of your furry companions. Feel free to explore the gallery below to appreciate the range and quality of my artistic endeavors.

Anusha Pawar

Hello there! I’m Anusha Pawar, a dedicated pet portrait artist based in Bangalore, India. As a proud self-taught artist, I specialize in acrylic medium, and my creative journey is deeply intertwined with the companionship of my four-legged Indie boy, Shang. His presence not only inspires but also fuels the passion behind every stroke of my artwork.

Growing up as a compassionate animal lover, I’ve always understood the profound significance of capturing their memories. Pawtraitsart is my heartwarming platform, a testament to my enduring love for my furry friend. I vividly recall my first painting of my first beloved four-legged friend, basking in the sun on a mat during his golden years. As my dedication to painting intensified, and his time with me became limited, I felt truly honored to immortalize him on canvas.

In the realm of art, I’ve had the privilege of painting the beloved pets of many wonderful people over the years. Each client holds a unique place in my artistic journey, and I am committed to capturing the heart and soul of their furry companions on canvas—preserving cherished memories that transcend the limitations of time.

Pawtraits, for me, are not just visual representations; they are a celebration of personality and individuality. Hand-painted with care, these pawtraits serve as the perfect way to honor your beloved family member or offer a touching gift that elicits tears of joy upon unwrapping. It would be my pleasure to collaborate with you, ensuring that every stroke captures the essence of your pet pawfectly.

Pawtraits Art Gallery 


Shwetha Sundar

The day I got to know about Anusha and Pawtraits, I was excited to get my lovely babies painted. I couldn’t believe the outcome. It was just so beautiful. She got my pets alive in her paintings. She put so MUCH LOVE in creating whatever she does and that’s what brings the best out of it! :’)

“Anusha’s work features prominently in our house in two among the ve portraits of my different pets. Her work is full of love and you can’t miss the likenesses.”

– Vidya Loganathan  

“For the warm person she is her painting will give you the same feeling. She understands how important your fur babies are too you and she knows exactly how to capture that.”

– Ritika Goel

“Anusha was very patient with me. I did not have an ounce of doubt on the output. Such a lovely artwork and I cried when I got this delivered. The intricacies, features colors everything came out to be as expected. Thank you so much Anusha. Highly  recommend.”

Namitha PC

    “I had sent two photos of my dog Muffin to Anusha, and when she gave me the painted magnets, I was amazed how original and alike the artworks were to the photos. She took care of the tiniest details & I was so happy. Anusha is a gifted artist and it’s amazing with her rescue work. Would totally recommend her for your pets’ pawtraits 🙂 ”

 – Rushitha

Pawtraits Art

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Bangalore, India